This is Silicate type, two-part chemical setting mortar. It is recommended against permanently acidic condition, and can withstand much higher temperature compared to other resin type & sulfur type mortar.


K-silicate is principally used with acid resisting bricks and tiles for acid resisting masonry construction,because of its very low cost. It is highly recommended to protect chimneys, incinerators and other high temperature equipment.


Color : Brown
Mix Ratio by wt. Sol to Powder : 1: 2.5
Compressive Strength kg/cm2 : 150
Flexural Strength kg/cm2 : 40
Bond Strength kg/cm2 : 5
Water Absorption : 18%
Max. Temp. : 900 C
Setting Time : 8-10 Hrs.


K-silicate is prepared by mixing solution & powder to form workable mortar. The recommended ratio of mixing is 1 part solution to 3 parts powder by wt. This ratio will vary depending upon ambient temperature and working conditions. Use clean dry mixing pan. Place appropriate quantity of solution in mixing Pan, and add powder slowly and start mixing thoroughly, until you get smooth paste like mortar. Do not mix more material, then, can be used within 30 minutes.


Mortar is buttered on acid resistance brick/tile as usual bricklayers Method. Brick/tile also should be clean,dry and at ambient temperature. After hardening of the joints, it should be treated with 10 % Hydrochloric acidbefore the acid resisting lining is place in use. During & after completion of lining, area must be kept dry and free from any other materials and traffic, which can affect setting & curing of K- silicate.


K-silicate when completely set hard, resistant to high concentration of oxidizing acids, inorganic acids and salts and most organic solvents at high temperature. It is not recommended against Hydrofluoric acid, fluorides, fluoride salts, water, diluted solutions, alkalis etc.


always keep solution and powder in cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight, moisture etc. If stored in sealed container as above, shelf life of solution: 12 Months Powder: 12 Months.


It is advisable to wear protective wears at the time of use of K-silicate and all other our products. In case of contact with skin or eyes wash with plenty of water and consult a doctor. This information, given in good faith, is based on results gained from experience and tests. However, all recommendations or suggestions are made without any guarantee since the conditions of use are beyond our control.